Journeys: Tales of the Sea

Tales of the ocean from Journeys
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It’s unsurprising that this year’s topic of ‘Journeys’ has stirred up many tales of the ocean: it’s a passage to magical lands; a place to bathe in your memories and sometimes a current pulling you on an emotional journey you’d never imagined...

From yachting from the Falklands with kittens in a storm, a month on board a Russian research ship in the Antarctic to childhood memories of the Highlands, we have a ship setting sail to take you there.

Please be warned, bad things do happen at sea and some stories make for difficult reading.


Whispers Across Time
The White Bay
Whispers Across Time Discovery The White Bay
A Big Blue Rogue
Scherzo A Big Blue Rogue Sula


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Image credit: Antarctica-10 by Jennifer Pickens and Iona by Dancesmith

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