Children's Book of the Month: Ghost Soldier

Author: Theresa Breslin | Age category: 8-11


Like many men from their town, Rob and Millie's father left to fight in the war. But they haven’t had a letter from him in weeks when there is a telegram to say he is missing in action. Desperate to find out what has happened to their father, Rob and Millie set out to search the trains which are passing through their home town carrying wounded soldiers to hospitals in Edinburgh. But no-one has met their father or anyone from his regiment. When an abandoned mansion house is taken over as a convalescent hospital for shell-shocked soldiers, Robb and Millie see another chance to find a soldier who has met their father. But why is there so much mystery and secrecy surrounding the hospital? And who is the ghostly white figure who appears in the window after dark?  


Set in a rural Borders town during the First World War, Ghost Soldier is a poignant story of hope and loss during wartime. It tells the story of children on the Home Front during the war and is full of small acts of kindness and bravery.  It is also a story packed with mystery and intrigue which will keep readers engrossed until the final page.  


We have 5 copies of Ghost Soldier to be won! To be in with a chance of winning one, just answer this question:

Theresa Breslin won the Carnegie Medal, the UK’s most prestigious award in children’s literature. What was the title of her winning book? 

Send your answer to Miriam Morris at Competition closes on Monday 1 December. Entrants outside the UK must cover postage.


Q&A with Theresa Breslin


Did you enjoy writing this novel?  

Yes, very much, although researching the conditions of soldiers during WW1 can be quite harrowing. It's about two children on the Home Front during thw  and they come into contact with wounded soldiers on the hospital trains which stop to take on water near their farm. They are desperately searching for their father who has gone missing on the Western Front. There's a wood close by and an old house that is said to be haunted...

Why did you start writing this book?

I was asked to provide a story for a film company and this was a story I felt needed to be told. Thousands of children were left at home as their fathers, brothers, uncles went off to fight in the war and I wanted to write a book from their point of view.  

What else have you written?

I've written 40 books, for all ages - from picture books to YA books right across the genres, including history, fantasy, folklore, humour etc. I've adapted my work into play scripts and written short stories for publication and for the radio. 


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