Scottish Book Trust Announces Novel Rebrand

Scottish eBook Trust's new eLogo
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Scottish Book Trust is delighted to announce today that, following an extensive rebranding process with Loof Communications, the organisation will now be known as Scottish eBook Trust.

This new unifying positioning, which taps in to the growing use of tablets to read books, is showcased in the organisation’s updated logo and tagline, which have undergone a significant transformation.

The high impact new identity reflects Scottish eBook Trust’s commitment to the digital world of reading and writing, with the predominantly black colour palette complementing the organisation’s interest in words.

Marc Lambert, Director of Scottish Book Trust, said:

e-book readers are, statistically speaking, less liable to be subject to potentially life-threatening papercuts

“Our commitment to promoting reading and writing is as strong as ever, but our new brand delivers a clear, distinct message that one of several ways available to people who like to read and write is on an e-based basis. Added to which, new research tells us that e-book readers are, statistically speaking, less liable to be subject to potentially life-threatening papercuts. Such are the wonders and benefits of modern technology.”

Danny Scott, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Scottish Book Trust, said:

“I am delighted at the modern path that Scottish eBook Trust has chosen to plough. I sustained a painful injury to my left calf last month when the veritable tower of paper-based books teetering on my desk was knocked to the ground by a Kindle-wielding intern. So for me, it’s largely a health and safety issue, rather than anything to do with the complex nature of the reading experience.”

Several readers were involved in the rebranding consultation process, with many agreeing wholeheartedly that ‘e-books are an alternative form of reading a traditional book’ and ‘any device that can display text on a screen may act as an e-book reader.’

PHOTOS: A photograph of Scottish Book Trust staff dancing around a burning pyre of paper-based books is available upon request from


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Notes to Editors:

  • Scottish eBook Trust is the leading agency for the promotion of literature, reading and writing in Scotland, on mobile electronic devices. It develops innovative projects to encourage adults and children to e-read and write, supports professional writers with a range of projects including skills development and awards, funds a variety of literature events and promotes Scottish writing to people worldwide.

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