Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 14 Feb 2014

Category: Reading

Everyone knows what day it is today. That’s right. It’s International Book Giving Day 2014. Hol-la!

However, if you’re unable to gift a book to a child today then it might be because you’re busy trying to book dinner reservations before settling for a sub-standard Italian restaurant, which, by tonight, you will have ‘planned all along for its kitsch charm’ and because your partner 'likes pizza'.

Book Magpie’s advice? Why not snuggle up with a book instead?

Call an early 'pyjama time', pop the thermostat up to 22C, pour some of the slightly-more-expensive-than-you-would-normally-go-for red wine (we’re talking the £8 to £10 stuff) and read one of these 8 books about the sexy side of Scotland, 10 books to steam up your glasses, or, if you’re a fairly new couple, 10 of these dirty romances or one of these 9 sinful reads. You could even impress the warm body and mind next to you by telling the tales of these real life literary romances.


If you plan to go ahead with your Italian restaurant plans, next week, why not check out one of these 10 books about unhappy marriages, 8 break-up books, or supplement your messed up daydreams with one of these twisted romance books.

Indeed, be proactive and plan ahead by garnering tips from these (imaginary) dating profiles of famous authors and ponder whether the classic marriage plot narrative actually stands up at all anyway in today’s literature with the New York Times.

Back to tonight in the literary lovebirds’ house o’ love though. After you’ve finished reading a lascivious book together, Book Magpie recommends bringing the heat with a dirty limerick or two – and here’s how to write them.

If your house is more Laura Ashley than Ann Summers you could however recite a Valentine’s Card “written” by a famous author or even tell a succession of 140-character, Twitter love stories while your partner sprinkles icing sugar love hearts on the freshly baked love muffins they've made especially for tonight.

Whatever you end up doing, trust in books to see you through.


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