12 Scottish books for young adults (and adults) to look forward to in 2014

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Fiction for young adults has never been hotter. Indeed, in recent years, more adults buy young adults titles, or YA, than teens themselves.

In a year that promises an abundance of riches from Scottish writers, and writers based here, we wanted to highlight Scotland's forthcoming contribution to the YA buzz. We've delved deep into publisher's catalogues to emerge with these 12 excitingly imminent titles, but, if we've missed one of your favourite authors, please chide us in the comments below.

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Bombmaker by Claire McFall


Claire McFall
February 2014

One month before Claire McFall finds out whether she is the author of a Scottish Children’s Book Award winning novel for her debut Ferryman, she will already be celebrating the release of her second novel Bombmaker. Set in a Britain where the English government has closed its borders to their Celtic neighbours, can the Scottish Lizzie escape a psychopathic London gang boss and flee northwards?

Watch Claire McFall read an excerpt from Ferryman.

Forbidden Soldier by Alison Prince

Forbidden Soldier (My Love Story)

Alison Prince
February 2014

Arran-based Alison Prince returns in 2014 with an English Civil War set love story. The budding romance between Hannah and apprentice cabinet-maker Matthew is threatened when he joins the Royalist fight. If and when he returns, will Hannah’s puritan father even let their love grow? In a country ripped apart by war only love can sustain Prince’s new characters.

Icefall by Gillian Philip


Gillian Philip
March 2014

Gillian Philip has built up a strong audience with the first three books in her Rebels Angels series, including the beautifully written opener Firebrand. In part four, Icefall, death is stalking Seth MacGregor’s clan in their otherworld exile while Kate NicNiven is close to ultimate victory. With the story delicately poised nobody will get forever… but some are willing to try.

Beneath by Gill Arbuthnott


Gill Arbuthnott
Floris Books
March 2014

Writer and teacher Gill Arbuthnott promises a tale filled with love, revenge, divided loyalties and peril in her new novel set in 16th century Scotland. In a story combining history, fantasy and romance, Jess has heard the rumours of dangerous, children-eating creatures that live beneath the water. When nightmares become reality and her friend is taken by one, she comes face to face with the creatures and her life is changed forever.

Werewolf Parallel by Roy Gill

Werewolf Parallel

Roy Gill
March 2014

Roy Gill is a New Writer Awardee and we can’t wait to sink our fangs into his ‘nail-biting, claw-clenching, fur-raising’ sequel to the Daemon Parralel. In Gill’s new instalment, Cameron’s life of shifting between the humanian and daemonic worlds is under threat as two sinister figures look to destroy the parallel. Grab yourself a copy this spring and howl at the moon.


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Mind Blind by Lari Don

Mind Blind

Lari Don
March 2014

Lari Don enters the world of YA this year with Ciaran, a highly trained fighter who knows what his victims are thinking. Ciaran works in a mafia-style family who share his special gift. But for Ciaran, his ability comes with a crippling side effect. One that makes him disposable even to his own blood. When he forms an unlikely partnership with Lucy, who’s looking for her lost sister, their adventure takes them across London and up to Edinburgh in a breathless game of hide and seek.


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A kiss in the dark by Cat Clarke

A Kiss in the Dark

Cat Clarke
April 2014

The rise and rise of Cat Clarke as a bestselling YA author seems set to continue this April with A Kiss in the Dark. Cat always pushes the boundaries with her novels’ themes and in her latest a big secret threatens the chances, and lives, of the shy Alex and lovestruck Kate. Expect a page-turning read with plenty of surprises. Draw breath now.


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Thinkless by Sophie McCook


Sophie McCook
Limehouse Books
May 2014

Excitement is building for Sophie McCook’s debut Thinkless. Originally published once a day over the summer of 2011, the original story was called Tiny Chapters on the Run. It tells the story of Miriam Short in bite-sized chapters. Miriam has no tact or grace, and lies, steals and… inadvertently kills. She drives her family mad despite getting her Brownie badges in ‘basic mental adjustment’ and ‘innate self-worth’. A fascinatingly complex character is set to emerge.

Theresa Breslin

Ghost Soldier

Theresa Breslin
July 2014

Any year when Carnegie award-winning author Theresa Breslin releases a new book is an exciting year. Published in the 100-year anniversary of the start of The Great War, Breslin’s latest novel tells the tale of Rob and Millie whose father goes MIA on the Western front. The children’s search for their lost dad takes them to a hospital treating soldiers with shellshock where their suspicions grow of darker activities taking place between the building’s haunted walls.

Nicola Morgan

Teenage Guide to Stress

Nicola Morgan
Walker Books
July 2014

Nicola Morgan’s first foray into the minds of teenagers, Blame My Brain, was described as ‘important explanation of the science behind adolescence’. In this, her next non-fiction work on the subject, she explores topics of great interest to worried teens – and those who worry about them. Nicola is regularly invited to schools with her knowledge of the inner workings of adolescence and is building resources for all ages on her blog, on topics such as sleep, exams, stress, risk, emotion, and social media.


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Fiona Foden

The Boyfriend Dilemma

Fiona Foden
Aug 2014

We’ve just caught a glimpse of Fiona Foden’s new novel The Boyfriend Dilemma so far. Foden grew up in a tiny Yorkshire village called Goose Eye before landing her dream job on a Scottish teen magazine. Following stints at Bliss, More and Just Seventeen Fiona became a novelist and launches her fifth book this year, promising an exploration of ‘an age-old dilemma for young, modern teens’.

Dani Sacerdoti

Spirit – The Sarah Midnight Trilogy Book 3

Dani Sacerdoti
Black & White
September 2014

Born and raised in Italy, Dani Sacerdoti, whose great uncle was renowned Italian writer Carlo Levi, is currently shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards. In her gripping conclusion to the Sarah Midnight trilogy, we rejoin a Sarah now aware of the identity and location of the Enemy and fully embracing her family’s legacy and demon hunter abilities. Butch up because the demon war is about to reach its epic conclusion.

Watch Daniela Sacerdoti read from Really Weird Removals.com.

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