Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 17 Jan 2014

Category: Reading

It's late January and Book Magpie is not exactly flush.

In these austere times, with the chill winds of recession still ruffling this Magpie’s feathers, it’s getting harder and harder to find sufficient bling to keep up this playa’s lifestyle. In a world where even Disney princesses are feeling the pinch, what can a single, handsome, talented, deep, sensitive, dynamic magpie do?

Read? Book Magpie does that anyway. In fact, when I read that this SBT-staffer had committed to reading 52 books in 2013 I thought she was cutting down. I’m all up for burying my beak in these 26 snow reads – books to get you through the winter – but reading lots ain’t gonna pay for my round-the-world trip to see these 16 must-see bookshops. Apparently, the right book could change one’s personality though – according to the Independent.

Perhaps Book Magpie could write to pay the bills. The world might be ready for my novel by now. But Sara Sheridan’s critique of how much authors actually get paid on Huffington Post Books puts my quill back in the box.

Book Magpie may emigrate to Norway where authors are paid $19,000 a year by the government, who also buy 1,000 copies of their books. With such a surplus, no wonder the Norwegian state can put all the books online for free. However, Norwegians hate magpies so I’m stuck here for now.

Luckily, the internet is always capable of perking me up. And before you can say we-could-have-done-similar-things-for-authors-with-Scotland’s-oil-money-if-it-weren’t-for-Thatcher, BuzzFeed reliably arrives to lighten the mood with these 9 ideas for acts of random literary kindness and these imaginary dating profiles of top authors.

Perhaps Book Magpie just needs forget about money and realise that we’re livin’ in a digital world, and I am just a digital bird.

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