Five Iconic Literary Characters as enacted by cats

In the true spirit of the internet, we decided to cheer ourselves on this dreary Monday afternoon by posting some pictures of cats! But not just any cats...kittens! But not just any kittens...kittens thinly disguised as literary characters!

With the aid of some hilarious props and a brave assistant, we set out to recreate five iconic literary characters.

First up is a classic you can’t fail to recognise: William Shakespeare’s Hamlet! Here, Hamlet ponders mortality in the iconic soliloquy beginning ‘Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him...’

The second picture commemorates J.R.R Tolkein’s fanasy epic, the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Pictured are a curious Frodo Baggins sniffing out the power of the one ring and a submissive Gollum, bowing to the ring’s power.

Third up is the original vigilante super hero, Robin Hood! In a fetching if slightly too large cap, this Robin Hood steals cat treats from the rich and gives them to neighbourhood strays!

With his inquisitive stare, magnifying glass and buckets of charisma, this next photo can’t be anyone but the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, from the series written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Last but not least comes one of the best loved characters in literature today, from the Harry Potters by J.K. Rowling. Ron Weasley appears to have gotten into some trouble with the Sorting Hat. It has swallowed him (and his wand) whole!

Do you have any literary characters you’d like to see immortalised by cats? Let us know and your wish might be granted! 

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