Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 13 September 2013

Learn how to make a Robin Hoodie
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Yo, yo, yo internet playas! Book Magpie is back in the booklovin' house, Dr Dre style, with a refreshed post-holiday mind and some pret-ty fine book links to help you close out Friday the 13th fo' su'!
NB although not refreshed enough to make this a Friday the 13th themed roundup. 

Book Magpie likes to stay mysterious. All I will reveal about my holidays is that I read Gone Girl because that is the done thing in 2013.

In homage to this airport-busting novel, Book Magpie’s created this holiday questionnaire for y'all to ponder. Book Magpie's holiday consisted of:-

A) Flying amongst the sand dunes of La Rochelle checking out the French birds; looking fly like the most stylish people in literature featured in Flavorwire; impressing the lady Eurasian Magpies with my knowledge of the origin of book titles (cribbed from HuffPost’s rundown).

B) Heading to London en route to another destination but stopping there, awestruck by the teenage exorcists aiming to rid the UK of Harry Potter Satanism.

C) A study tour for internet-savvy, bookish avialae featuring social media tips for writers from Nicola Morgan; book art from Brainpickings; and learning why pointing out other people’s grammar mistakes makes you so, so awesome.

D) A staycation provoked by fears of climate change brought on by this clif-fi book list, spending too much time online, depressed, forcing laughs at the top 11 literary fart jokes on Mental Floss and the 28 signs you’re an English Literature graduate on HuffPost, while learning knitting with these literary knitting patterns and learning how to dance German Disco from Finland's number one dance teacher.

Answer: ?? – you decide. Book Magpie isn’t telling but is returning next Friday with more book links for the discerning procrastinator.

BONUS LINK: seeing as it’s Friday the 13th, here is a list from BuzzFeed of children’s book characters born to be Halloween costumes.

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