Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 2 August 2013

Mantras from Skeletor feature in this week's Book Magpie
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Not meaning to jargogle you, dear reader but many of these 20 obsolete words that deserve a comeback made me kench this week – I hope you deliciate in them as well.

It is well known that magpies find chickens ludribrious hoddypeaks. But, a bird in literature is a bird in literature (even if they can’t freck along the ground like a magpie) so Book Magpie was happy through clenched beak to find this Tumblr of literature.

It is also well known that the internet is a illecebrous place for writers to lay their careers to waste in procrastination. Used correctly, however, it can help writers to iron out widdendreams. Saying that, one suspects these 12 writers who made it big before hitting 35 wrote their breakthrough books in a time before Twitter and links like these 20 signs that you’re a writer on Buzzfeed.

Repect to anyone who writes a book though, as making progress in this short life is hard. As is making progress along Edinburgh’s streets during the festival with many hoddypeaks stopping suddenly to take a closer look at a terrible cashmere scarf in Princess Diana tartan on the Royal Mile. Indeed the denizens of Edinburgh will need reminders in three weeks' time why theatre is a good thing so Scottish Book Trust compiled this list of 12 books set in the theatre world.

Flying above the stramash this morning made me think of the recent trip to the Yorkshire Moors on Yorkshire Day this Thursday, which gave me an excuse to watch Monty Python’s Northern Playwright sketch.

Book Magpie had needed the respite (even if some of Yorkshire's farmers had stares like these glaring British crime writers on Tumblr) having spent too many days playing this addictive write under pressure game where your ability to spot grammatical errors is put under enormous pressure. Naturally I did complete the game but needed these life mantras from He-Man’s nemesis Skeletor, and constant drinks from my newly-arrived machine that creates juice from words.

As a magpie that can complete complex grammar games, read, and use the internet, sometimes I think of myself as a superhero of sorts. Sadly, if I were, I wouldn't even register on this superhero life expectancy infographic on Design Taxi.

And on that depressing thought I begin my festival weekend in Edinburgh. To cheer me up I'm packin' this bookshop app from Edinburgh City of Lit, some tunes from The Bookshop Band on SBT's latest podcast and lots of tourist bling to ‘look for’. Even though I won't live as long as Ghost Rider, the life of this perissological mythic creature will stick pack a punch. Isn't that right Skeletor?

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