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Helen Fitzgerald
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In the latest edition of Book Talk, host Ryan Van Winkle sits down with a trio of inspired authors to talk about their latest work, starting off with Helen Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, whose latest novel, The Cry, is available for e-readers now and will be out in paperback next week, is a genre-defying author whose works often include elements of crime, thriller and family drama. Here, she shares five books her fans (or anyone who loves a book about people caught up in uncontrollable circumstances) would love:


Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn: It’s brilliant. I love the interesting female character, this badass woman who’s flawed but believable. [She’s] someone I would want to be friends with, who makes terrible decisions like I do sometimes.

The Death of Bees, Lisa O’Donnell: [O’Donnell’s] just got the freshest voice, the most original voice I’ve heard or read in years.

The Silent Wife, A S A Harrison: This is a very interesting story about a dysfunctional relationship that’s written from the point of view of the female and the male, which was really tempting for me to do. After I finished The Cry I thought I could write it again from the perspective of the husband, who really didn’t get a fair say, I have to say.

Gone Again, Doug Johnson: [Johnson] is unpretentious, writes believable characters, and I think he writes stuff that’s pretty close to what I write too.

Illywhacker, Peter Carey: I love Peter Carey, but I love this [book] particularly because of the landscape [the book is set in Geelong, Australia] and the way he was writing about a place that was so familiar to me, as my family live down that way.

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