Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 5 July 2013

Book stuff to do away from the tennis
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Summer’s here and with it British humans are worryingly attaching their own feelings of self-esteem to Andy Murray's success or failure.

Perhaps it’s safer to take Book Magpie’s advice and indulge in this island’s other summer pastime: reading.

You can’t surf just now without being told what you should read on the beach. My personal favourites were The Scotsman round up of what Scotland’s authors were reading on holiday and the Flavorwire hipsters list of 10 truly horrible beach reads.

Harry Potter Graphic Art

Book Magpie doesn’t need holidays; I can fly, every day's a freakin' holiday. I also have the internet, which is diverting enough. Who needs to travel to far flung galleries when one can enjoy graphic art inspired by Harry Potter on Telegraph Books or these amazing minimalist posters for classic fairy tales.

Indeed, spending some quality time in my nest this summer will give Book Magpie more time to learn new hobbies, watch films and up-cycle park detritus. Sadly my wings aren’t so hot for crocheting but if they were I’d look to whip up these knitted Norse helmets featured on (the brilliantly titled) Regretsy.

Book Magpie also likes to think a novel lurks in this creative bird’s chest. Don’t worry, I’m not as hilariously naïve as this new novelist on YouTube. Indeed, I’m not into writing a book for fame – I've got that; shiny bling – stole that; or praise – I’m know how amazing I am. Like author John Green illustrates, I’d create my novel out of love.

And, who knows, when I totally crush my masterpiece I might be invited to spit some mad rhymes versus the winner of this Dr. Seuss’ and Shakespeare’s rap battle.

As for my novel idea, well, unsurprisingly, Book Magpie fancies writing a hero story. If you looked like me, wouldn’t you?

I’ll do some pre-masterpiece research and study Ted Talk’s ‘What makes a hero?’ and memorise this Greek myth family tree. Regular readers will also know Book Magpie likes a bit of Disney – in a totally ironic way – and will study Listverse’s guide to the dark origins of Disney movies for useful titbits.

Regardless of whether Britain turns feral on poor Andy should he lose, or strut like a peacock on the world stage in victory my summer is sorted. Saying that, I might fly down to watch bits of the tennis if only to distract me from the news that Spielberg’s hoping to direct a new movie version of Grapes of Wrath. *shudders*

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