Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 26 July 2013

Quirk Books: Berry Potter and other literary ice-cream flavours
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With only a few days to go to submit my story to Treasures I invited Poetry Magpie and Scribe Magpie round to my house to brain bang some story ideas. With a penchant for shiny bling my nest resembles an open-topped treasure chest so I have plenty of material to write about. Even if it's difficult to 'treasure' objects you've stolen.

On write night Poetry Magpie arrived fresh from reading Ideas Tap's 22 signs you’re an emerging artist and suggested we got drunk to oil our creative cogs. To pour Gaviscon on the suggestion I showed him a Guardian article poo-pooing the notion that boozing makes for better writing. In place of the demon drink we used sugar instead. Whoops.

Before you could say ‘three for joy’ we’d demolished these literary ice-creams, got hungry again after reading the Guardian’s best food descriptions from literature, ate some more and in a sugar-fuelled home improvement rampage decorated one side of my nest with handwritten quotes using Apartment Therapy’s how to guide.

After my friends flew off, awkwardly avoiding my eye after the impromptu home decor session, the sugar crash was hard and long - and we still hadn't written our Treasures stories. Book Magpie didn’t quite reach Pickwickian Syndrome from this list of seven horrifying ailments named after literary characters but, put it this way, I wouldn’t have wanted to be a human out walking in the park the next day.

Samuel Beckett as Literary Graffiti on Bookish

Plans were hatched to meet up again at the weekend in a beautiful holiday nest by the sea. That is until Scribe Magpie found this illustrated Zen Pencil life lesson from Charles Bukowski on the unimportance of setting to creativity. Instead we’re all tasked with bringing some inspirational writing prompts to my freshly decorated nest.

Poetry Magpie’s got a penchant for the mawkish so I've found Buzzfeed’s 15 quotes about life from children’s books for it – and HuffPo's reassuring words from Dumbledore. Morosity is Scribe Magpie’s manna so that bird can look forward to a Sad Stuff on the Street Tumblr. If Scribe gets too low though I’ll send him to

I found my own inspiration closer to home. Regular readers will know about Book Magpie’s weakness for mad beats. That’s why I’ll be reading this rap-inspired writing advice from SBT and getting all up on this literary graffiti on Bookish’s Pinterest.

But, first, some Friday procrastination’s called for. How much does it cost to be Batman [infographic] today compared to 1960? Who cares? The internet cares, that's who. Also, my eyes are primed for shine so I’m planning to make light work of this where’s Wall-E robot collage.

Yup; found him.

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