Book Magpie: Best of the Web, Friday 28 June 2013

Book Magpie looks to age gracefully
Category: Reading

Since finding this website that lets you send emails to your future self, Book Magpie has been preoccupied with what’s to come. In the future, will I be as good looking as I am now? Will 2013’s top 50 book covers be as cool as 2012’s?

A few decades hence, for examps, will we still like speak totes good English? Not that Book Magpie thinks a language shouldn’t evolve in subtle ways like Mental Floss' four recent changes to English we hardly notice, we just get totes emosh at some of the rubbs changes phonz and the net bring (#justsaying).

However, one shouldn’t taint an entire future generation with the same condescending brush. For example, these kids on Design Taxi, who correct bad grammar from celebrities on social media, bravely challenge the brilliant minds of Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus.

OK, so this bird’s becoming older and more cynical but we’re still fun...right? For examps, Book Magpie laughed heartily with Scottish Book Trust staff at these 150 words for fart on Huffington Post before sharing these GIFs of the (under-evolved) dog struggling with stairs. Indeed, knowing what a GIF is surely means that we're not over the hill yet.

It's just that one must change with age otherwise one becomes utterly tragic, which is why I've emailed my future self a reminder to stop stealing Swatch watches. But, on the flip side, change for change’s sake is not always the best policy. See these unforgiveable changes to book adaptations for reference. Indeed, one can only hope to not have to let out a deep sigh after watching these 14 upcoming movie adaptations listed on Buzzfeed

We guess it always comes down to living for the moment - even when that moment is a wet, grey Friday in Scotland. It's just that 'the moment' would be infitely improved if we could summon up one of Sabotage Time's seven best female drinking buddies from literature or hit the town in the wake of literature’s 7 most desirable leading men.

Regardless, Book Magpie fancies a quiet one this weekend. Perhaps we’ll go for a Sunday fly (what(?)) and visit some of the places already plotted by the public on this great new internet map of scenes from literature. Enjoy your own literary adventures.

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