Book Magpie: Best of the Web, Friday 7 June 2013

Book Magpie: a tragic hero in an unfair world
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It’s Fri-day and the Book Magpie is back with more book link bling than you can shake your tablet at.

First up on the URL decks is Flavorpill on what your favourite Shakespeare play says about you. We magpies take our name from the Scottish play so we’re mad for some Big Willy style. Since Book Magpie got the DVD, we think Coriolanus is the man which makes us ‘a tragic hero in an unfair world’ – true that.

Many teenagers share this world view. In a society where shops experiment with high pitched noises to stop them hanging with their homeys, reading books, outside the supermarket it’s heartening to read in The Atlantic about libraries actually designed to make teens loiter.

But what’s this? WOOP WOOP, it’s the sound of the police! The Grammar Police. They is saying we better check ourselves before we wreck ourselves cause misplaced apostophes are bad for our health. But they’re cool, as long as we watch these 10 funny videos about grammar and HuffPost Book’s ‘learn grammar with food’ guide.

Sticking with the youth, Book Riot published the 10 best and 10 worst YA book titles and Jezebel told the internet how to write a feminist young adult novel.

Feminism also featured (or did it(?)) as Claire Stewart of Scottish Book Trust & Dr Brooke Magnanti in The Telegraph lined up like Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins to freestyle on the debate around Baileys’ sponsorship of the Women’s Prize for Fiction. We’d have laid down some mad rhymes but we were too busy snickering at this GIF on Tumblr of the feeling you get when someone disses one of your favourite books.

And with that - yeah - we out.

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