Bookmarked: Seeing Stars and short stories

Kirsty Gunn
Category: Reading

The end of the month is here, and with it comes a new episode of Bookmarked!

This month we catch up with Kirsty Gunn at StAnza International Poetry Festival, speak to Mark Thompson  about seeing stars at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and hear a short story from Jenni Fagan, newly-crowned Granta Young British Novelist!

Kirsty Gunn’s new book, The Big Music, was a labour of love. Here is a sneak peek of her talking about the writing process and seeing a piece of work through:

‘the sense of commitment to any piece is quite enormous. I am an artist, and I have made a contract with mystery and the unknown, and I am making something out of nothing, and I am making that wasn’t there before.

[Even in hard times]  here I am , working away on this book – and I thought- in the world that we’re in – Faber aren’t going to publish this. What am I doing? No one is going to read it! And yet still, there one is every day working away getting to the writing.

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