Bookbug Book of the Month: This Book Just Ate My Dog!

Written and Illustrated by Richard Byrne. 

Oxford University Press- 9780192737281

A little girl, a big dog, and a very badly-behaved book! Bella is taking her dog for a stroll across the page when something odd happens. Her dog disappears and it becomes apparent to Bella, her friend Ben, and the rescue services that peril lurks in the pages of this book. But where the police and fire brigade fail, you - the reader - can help! 

Find out more on the Oxford University Press website, or visit Richard Byrne's website

'This Book Just Ate My Dog' is book that misbehaves – the crease in the middle of the page starts swallowing up Bella’s enormous dog, friend and then a fire engine! I don’t want to give too much away, but only the actions of the reader can save them and get them back out of the book.

Children will love it when the book starts to be naughty, and that the characters ask them for help.  I love that this book plays with the idea of how a book is put together but in a fun, accessible way. 

Celia Richards, Early Years Outreach Co-ordinator.



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