Hear Aidan Moffat's song about his Favourite Place in Scotland

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Tuesday was an exciting day for the My Favourite Place project because Aidan Moffat (pictured) unveiled a new song all about his favourite place in Scotland.

The song, called ‘The Wall’ was played in session on the Tom Morton Show on BBC Radio Scotland and describes a wall in Falkirk where Moffat used to meet up with his pals as a teenager. You can listen to the segment from the show below:



Aidan Moffat is most well known for his work with Malcolm Middleton on Arab Strap, one of the key players in Scottish indie music scene in the late 90s and early 2000s. Though the band split in 2006, their legacy is well remembered and Moffat continues to make music.

Music is inherently tied up with memory and so it is easy to tie music to a very specific place. For me personally, Arab Strap’s music takes me right back to sitting in my shoebox of a boarding school bedroom in West Cork, listening to patched together mix tapes of all the cool Scottish bands my pals and I loved. Still today, when I listen to Arab Strap, Belle & Sebastian or Looper, I feel like I am seventeen years old again.  The music takes me right back to that place, and I can almost smell it.

Moffat himself acknowledges that music and place go hand in hand, and that music is in fact distinctly suited to capturing the memory and nostalgia of a certain place. In conversation with Tom Morton, he noted that place has always been a focus for Arab Strap and that thinking about why a place is important to him really helped with the inspiration behind the song.

Moffat also said that this place wasn’t his favourite for being particularly iconic or grand, but because of the memories he associates with that wall in Falkirk.  If you are thinking about writing about your favourite place, it’s good to think of the ‘why’ of your favourite place, rather than just describing the place itself. Why is this place your favourite place? What memories come to mind when you think of it?

I haven’t written about my favourite place yet, but this has certainly inspired me to give it a go, and maybe to branch out try a format I have never tried before, like song writing!

If you are interested in learning more about what Aidan Moffat is up to these days, you can check out www.aidanmoffat.co.uk.

Watch this space for a downloadable version of Aidan Moffat’s new song ‘The Wall’.

Do you have a band or song that make you think of a certain place? What band and why?

Written by Sasha de Buyl, Reader Development Administrator