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  • New Book Talk podcast: Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela

    Book Talk’s podcast for the November book is now live. In this month’s podcast Paul Gallagher and his guests are discussing Lyrics Alley , a book by award winning author Leila Aboulela. Lyrics Alley is an arresting read spanning two countries and a powerful Sudanese family. It takes place in 1950s...

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  • Gove strikes again: The folly of phonics testing

    Phonics... Foniks... fawnicks... fonixs... phonix... You get the idea? I'm trying to come up with different letter combinations that you could interpret to be the word 'phonics'. Oh phonics, how I love you and hate you all at the same time. I love that you allow me to be creative with the language...

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  • Writers in Schools: mentoring and being mentored

    Liz Niven was a mentor for Stephanie Taylor as part of our Writers in Schools programme. Here she gives an interesting insight into her experience of mentoring an author through the nerve-wracking first few school events! This follows on from an earlier blog in which Stephanie gave her perspective...

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  • Hawick High School: How 2nd year pupils produced a book on The Reivers

    The Reivers , a book by Hawick High School pupils, is an ambitious publication which seeks to answer the question "The reivers - how much do we really know about them?" It was produced with the help of Live Literature Funding , and on this week's blog Heather Marshall from Heart of Hawick Children'...

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  • But No Elephants: reading targets versus reading pleasures

    A colleague sent me an email asking if we could squeeze one more delegate into an already full training day. I sent back: “Sure, but no elephants”. Unsurprisingly, the response I received back said “?”. Let me explain. But No Elephants is a book I remember reading as a child. Grandmother Tildy...

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  • The Linguistic Genius of Babies

    If you’ve read How Babies Think by Alison Gopnik, Patricia Kuhl and Andrew Meltzoff, then you know that babies are thinking about the world and processing information from the minute they’re born – or even before. They come into the world ready to interact with people and their environment, craving...

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