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    The Art of Graceful Self-Promotion

    Self-promotion doesn't come naturally to many writers, but that doesn't mean it's something to be scared of.

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  • Refugee Stories

    Refugee Stories

    What does home mean to people who have moved to Scotland under difficult circumstances? As part of Book Week Scotland 2014’s Stories of Home campaign we collaborated with the Scottish Refugee Council on a project to ask just that. Read their stories here.

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  • Hamish Pirie: The Audience in Verbatim Theatre

    Following on from his earlier blog about the politics of verbatim theatre, Traverse Theatre Associate Director Hamish Pirie reflects on his experiences of Demos, a new piece of verbatim theatre inspired by the Occupy Movement. The production consisted of two parts. Firstly, a reading of proceedings...

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  • The End of the Beginning

    So that’s it, the end of NaNoWriMo for another year. Perhaps you didn’t manage to complete the entire draft. That’s okay, not all writers can do quantity over quality . Maybe you just need a bit more time to process things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But what if you have managed to get that...

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