Child and dog running in the wind from Out and About

Bookbug Book of the Month: Out and About - A First Book of Poems

Babies and young children respond well to hearing rhyme and rhythm which is why poetry is perfect for little ones. Win your own collection of poems by Shirley Hughes in our Bookbug Book of the Month competition.

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Image from Luna Loves Library Day

Celebrating Girls in Picture Books

As we celebrate International Day of the Girl this week, Emma Dunn explains why it's important for both girls and boys to take the lead role in picture books.

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Maisy Mouse by Lucy Cousins

Spotlight On: Maisy by Lucy Cousins

Head of Early Years, Kirsty Sinclair, explains why she was delighted when Maisy's Bus was selected to go into the Bookbug Toddler Bag this year.

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Baby and Auntie read a book in Gaelic

Bookbug for All: Stories, Songs and Rhymes in Gaelic

Did you know that Bookbug speaks Gaelic too? Find out more about Gaelic Bookbug Sessions, Gaelic Bookbug Bags and songs and rhymes in Gaelic in the Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library.

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Image from 123: A Walk in the Countryside

Bookbug Detective: Celebrate Autumn with Stories, Songs and Rhymes

Bookbug Detective is on hand with some stories, songs and rhymes to share with nursery children this Autumn.

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Dad and baby reading

Reading, Watching and Telling Stories

Early Years expert, Tracy Cooper, explores the many ways that stories are shared in her household.

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Dad and child on cover of My Day

Bookbug Book of the Month: My Day: A Book of Actions

Enter our new Book of the Month competition to win a copy of My Day: A Book of Actions - perfect to share with babies and very young children!

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Cover of If You're Happy and You Know It...

Spotlight On: If You’re Happy and You Know it...

Illustrator and Art Director, Annie Kubler, describes the creative process behind If You're Happy and You Know It and offers her top tips for sharing this book with little ones.

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Bedtime Bookbug Reading in Bed

Bookbug for All: Bedtime Bookbug Sessions in Fife

Bedtime Bookbug Sessions were established at a library in Fife to support working parents - find out more about these out of hours Bookbug Sessions!

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Dinosaur from How to Bath Your Little Dinosaur

Bookbug Detective: Making a Splash with Books about Bathtime

If your little one loves How to Bath Your Little Dinosaur from their Bookbug Toddler Bag, Bookbug Detective is on hand with some other bathtime reads for them to enjoy!

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