Bookbug Book of the Month: The Book Without A Story

The Book Without a Story by Carolina Rabei

ISBN: 978-1405288484


When the library closes, and the last librarian has gone home to bed . . . the books come alive and tell stories of their adventures. But Dusty the book has never been borrowed and dreams of finding someone to share his story with . . .

Will he find his perfect reader?


'This new book set in a library is about a book called Dusty who has sat on the top shelf and never been borrowed. When the library closes at night, the books all share tales of who has borrowed them and where they have been read. They help Dusty down from the top shelf and leave him on the table to hopefully be picked up and read by someone. The next day, Sophie and her brother, Jake, are taken to the library by their Dad and Jake (who normally never reads books) notices Dusty’s pages being blown open by the breeze and discovers them full of pictures and words about dinosaurs, which he loves! Jake rushes to borrow the book and takes it home to read. When back in the library, Dusty is delighted to tell the other books about all of the places he has been read in Jake's home.

The Book Without a Story is a wonderful celebration of libraries, sharing stories and the magic of reading, anywhere!'

- Rosalyn McGlynn, Early Years Development Coordinator 


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