Bookbug for All: Bedtime Bookbug Sessions in Fife

Cheryl Hamilton, Service Development Supervisor for Libraries (Young People) explains how they have helped working parents enjoy the benefits of Bookbug in Fife with special evening Bookbug Sessions.


Bookbug is for everyone, right? That's true, but it’s difficult for some working parents to come along to our daytime sessions. Here in Fife, we decided to mix things up a bit and introduced an evening Bookbug Session at Cadham Library. Sessions have been running for over a year now and they’ve continued to be popular with parents and carers from the community and with our staff.

We started evening sessions in 2017 following requests from parents and carers who wanted Bookbug sessions outwith our usual offer of 10am and 2pm on weekdays. They were slow to start off with but gradually numbers have increased as the word has spread.

The evening session starts at 6pm and lasts around half an hour, and is delivered in what was previously a quiet time in the library. The people who come along to the evening sessions are typically working parents with slightly older children. There are very few babies so it tends to be a lot more energetic with a totally different dynamic - dads and granddads are coming along too to sing a song or two!

people can come if it happens to fit in with their daily routine

We don’t take bookings and the lovely thing about it being drop in is that people can come if it happens to fit in with their daily routine. 

The library is next door to the Community Centre and the Muslim Education Centre so we have some parents who bring a younger sibling to Bookbug while the older ones are doing karate or other classes next door. The sessions are free so it is an affordable and convenient offer for those wanting to spend quality time with younger siblings.

Bedtime Bookbug Sessions are by no means the answer for all parents and carers but we think it’s a great addition to our Bookbug offer in Fife. It's something that’s developed into other libraries, including Kirkcaldy Galleries and Ladybank Library, who want to run bedtime stories and teddy bear sleepovers too.

Improving our offer for Fife families is something we’re continually working on and we also have regular Saturday and Sunday sessions in many of our branches, 5 British Sign Language sessions a month and we’ve recently taken Bookbug out and about on the mobile library.

It’s very exciting working on making Bookbug more accessible in Fife, because Bookbug really is for everyone!


Find out about Bookbug sessions running in Fife and other locations on our website.

Cheryl Hamilton

Cheryl Hamilton is Service Development Supervisor, Libraries (Young People) at Fife Cultural Trust.