10 New Songs from the Bookbug Song & Rhyme Library

We're thrilled to announce that the Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library has grown again! We've added a number of new videos featuring families sharing songs and rhymes, from classics such as Hickory Dickory Dock and Grand Old Duke of York, to fun new songs like Jelly on a Plate.

As all children naturally love music and hearing their parent or carer's voice, all of the songs and rhymes in the library can be adapted for the smallest of babies, to the most active 3-5 year olds.

Here are 10 of our new song and rhyme videos that we hope will inspire you to spend more time singing with your little ones - they may even give you new ideas about how you can adapt songs and rhymes to suit your family.

A Big Red Bus

This is the perfect song for children who love buses, cars and planes! A Big Red Bus is a simple, well-known song with lots of fun hand actions. The repetition of the words and simple structure will help to give children lots of opportunity to join in. Babies will love watching you do the actions, and if your child is a bit older, they may want to practise the actions themselves.

Open Close Them

Children of all ages will love this song and the actions that go along with it. The simple actions are easy for little ones to join in as the words tell you what to do. You could try singing nice and slowly, giving children a chance to join in and try the actions themselves. If your child knows the song well, you could try going a bit faster with each repetition.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

This classic counting song is great for encouraging children to count to ten using their fingers and both hands. This song is also good for helping children with their motor skills by lifting each finger separately, which helps children learn about their right and left hands. To make this song more fun, you could bounce some puppets or some cardboard fish covered in foil on some Lycra or a piece of material.

Jelly on a Plate

An entertaining song all about food! This song is the perfect way to get active while having fun. When singing this song to your baby, you could try gently bouncing the baby on your knees or in your arms as you sing. For older children, you can encourage your toddler to wobble for the jelly, wiggle their fingers for the sausages and turn around for the noodles.

Little Peter Rabbit

Inspired by the popular Beatrix Potter tale of a mischievous rabbit, this is a song suitable for children of all ages. When singing this song to your baby, you could try touching your baby’s nose each time you sing ‘fly upon his nose’. Alternatively for older children, you could try missing out some of the words while keeping in the hand actions to see if they can fill in the blanks for you or sing quietly in their head.

Hickory Dickory Dock

This classic song dates all the way back to the 18th century and has been linked to the astronomical clock at Exeter Cathedral. To avoid mice running up and down the clock ropes causing damage, a cat door was installed underneath the clock so that the preacher’s cat could scare away any mice! When singing this song with babies, you could gently walk your fingers up your baby’s arms or legs as the mouse runs up and down the clock.

Grand Old Duke of York

This classic nursery rhyme is a fantastic action song that will give your arms a good workout! The traditional rhyme is still lots of fun and you can either sing it, or say it as a rhyme. Children will love being bounced around and lifted up and down, and, when they are a wee bit older, they might even want to have a go at the actions themselves. If you have a group of children, you could try singing this song as a circle game, where children can hold hands and move together.

There’s a Spider on the Floor

This interactive song is guaranteed to inspire lots of giggles and tickles with your little one! When singing this song, take your time to build anticipation as the spider moves around. Wiggle your fingers and tickle your wee one as you sing. This song is a great way to help your baby develop their body awareness. When using this song with older children, you could ask the children to decide where they would like it to go next and they can even act out the song as spiders.

Broo Broo Brinkie

Children will love joining in with this traditional Scots rhyme. It is perfect for learning the Scots words for different parts of the face in a fun and interactive way. To use this song with babies, you could try making lots of different facial expressions as you laugh or raise your eyebrows. With toddlers, you could try getting them to join in and do the actions on their own face.

Forwards and Backwards

This active song can be quite energetic! This is a great song to help children develop an awareness of language that helps understand direction. This is a really important first step to numeracy. To make the song more fun, you can start the song nice and slow, and repeat it getting gradually faster each time. You can do this song using a piece of fabric, such as Lycra, or a pillowcase, towel or sheet. Of course you can also just do the actions standing up and using your whole self.


If you’re looking for more songs and rhymes to share with little ones this summer, we have plenty to choose from in our Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library.