Bookbug Detective: Non-Fiction Books for Young Children

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Do you know of any good non-fiction books for little ones? Particularly to do with animals/sea creatures/nature? My 3 year old son wants to know the details about EVERYTHING, and we can’t always answer his questions!

It’s great when children start becoming really inquisitive and asking lots of questions, but it can be difficult for the parents too – we find ourselves wishing we’d paid more attention at school!

But books are a great way to help children (and their parents) learn about the world. I’ve listed some suggestions for young children below:

  • Follow the Trail: Bugs by DK – this lovely series includes tactile trails and peepthrough holes, a great way to learn about animals. Others in the series include Winter Wonderland and Baby Dinosaurs.
  • Animal Babies: In the River by Julia Groves – if you’re struggling with your baby animal names these books are the perfect choice. There are another three books in the series to enjoy.
  • Peep Inside Animal Homes illustrated by Simona Dimitri – part of Usborne’s Peep Inside series, these colourful lift the flap books with their snippets of information are perfect for little ones with an appetite for knowledge.
  • First Explorers: Sea Creatures illustrated by Chorkung – a wonderful introduction to the natural world by Campbell books. Includes push, pull and slide mechanisms, animals to spot and fun facts about sea creatures.

There are also loads of great non-fiction books for slightly older kids that your son will probably get a lot out of now and even more in the future:

You can find more wonderful books about nature on our book lists featuring Fascinating Nature, Insects, and Non-Fiction Books for Kids.

Happy exploring!

Main image from Peep Inside Animal Homes, published by Usborne.