Bookbug Detective: What to Expect at a Bookbug Session

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I’m going to be looking after my grandson a couple of days a week and wondered about taking him to the Bookbug Session at our local library. But I don’t really know what to expect and I’m worried I won’t know the songs. Can you help?


That’s great that you’re thinking about going to your local Bookbug Session. We tend to have quite a lot of grandparents attending, so you’ll no doubt be in good company.

Here are a few things that will hopefully make you feel more at ease at your first Bookbug Session:

  • Bookbug Sessions are free and open to all and typically last around 30 minutes. They include songs, rhymes and a story.
  • Sessions are very relaxed and informal – it doesn’t matter if your little one wanders off or wants to look at the books instead.
  • Don't worry if you don’t know the songs and rhymes. We train our Session Leaders to repeat the songs and sing/rhyme them slowly so that everyone has a chance to catch the words. Also, no one will notice if you’re not singing or don't feel confident – there’s no pressure!
  • If you go on a regular basis you’ll encounter lots of the same songs and rhymes so in a few weeks’ time you’ll be an expert! You can also carry on doing your grandson’s favourites at home.
  • Visit our Song & Rhyme Library if you want to do a bit of preparation beforehand and familiarise yourself with the types of songs and rhymes that appear at a Bookbug Session. It’s full of families sharing songs and rhymes and also includes all the words.
  • If you have any favourites from your own childhood, please do suggest them to the Session Leaders – they’re always happy to receive requests.
  • If you’re feeling a bit unsure about what to expect, why not pop into your library and chat to the Session Leader – they’ll be able to tell you all the practical stuff (where to park your buggy etc...) as well as about the content of the session.

You’ll probably find that you won’t even notice your nerves as you’ll be having too much fun with your grandson. Enjoy! A warm welcome awaits you.


To find out more about Bookbug Sessions and their benefits for you and your child, visit the Bookbug Session pages on our website.