5 Songs and Rhymes Full of Cuddles

Caroline and Conrad Round the Garden
Category: Bookbug

On the blog last week, Early Years expert Tracy Cooper explored some fascinating new research which suggested that babies who receive lots of cuddles and positive touch are being hardwired very differently than children with less contact. We're all about cuddles at Bookbug, so it’s really great to see research that suggests these special moments of closeness can have a huge and lasting impact on a child's development. 

With Valentine's Day upon us this week, we thought it would be the perfect time to remember some classic Bookbug songs and rhymes that encourage cuddles, tickles, and those all important tight squeezes!

Cross, Cross, Line Line

This traditional rhyme is a favourite at Bookbug Sessions far and wide! It's short and simple - just follow the words of the rhyme as you draw on your baby’s back. Give a gentle blow on their neck for the 'cool breeze', a lovely cuddle for 'tight squeeze' and end with some tickles! Older children can even try doing this on their grown-up or a younger sibling.

Pop a Little Pancake

This is a lively song with plenty of opportunities for face-to-face contact and cuddles. You can pretend that your baby or toddler is a little pancake, gently 'tossing' them up in the air and giving them a wee squeeze like the lemon in the song. Don't forget to give them an extra big hug and a tickly nibble as you 'eat them all up' in the final verse!

Rickety, Rickety, Rockety Horse

Songs like this are perfect for building trust and security between children and their parents or carers - they're also great fun! As you bounce your little one on your knee and gently tip them back at the end of the song, your child begins to learn that this is safe, and the sense of anticipation is rewarded with a lovely cuddle together at the end of the song.

Roon Aboot Moose 

This traditional Scots rhyme is full of tickles and lovely positive contact. Just like Round the Garden, you can follow the actions to the rhyme on baby's hands, feet, back or tummy - the longer you can hold the anticipation of the wee moose running to his hoose, the more laughter you'll be rewarded with! It's a great one to share when you're dressing your baby or getting them ready for bathtime.

What Shall We Do With the Bouncing Baby?

Based on an old sea shanty, this is a great song for sharing moments of affection with babies and young children. In the version included in the Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library, we tickle baby's tummy, wiggle baby's fingers and stroke baby's legs. But you can always add your own verses too - try kissing their cheeks or clapping their hands. It doesn't matter what actions you choose, it's the closeness of touch that's important.

There are also some beautiful, calming songs and lullabies in our Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library that are ideal for helping to soothe your little ones. Songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Gille Beag O are perfect for singing to your baby or toddler as you rock them gently in your arms or cuddle up together before bedtime.

We wish you all a very loving Valentine's Day, full of cuddles and closeness with your children.