5 Small but Mighty Characters from Picture Books

We all know that size isn't everything - sometimes the best things come in very small packages! Here are 5 of our favourite small but mighty characters from the world of children's books:


Mrs Pepperpot riding a frog
Mrs Pepperpot from the Mrs Pepperpot Stories

Despite her inability to control when she's going to shrink, Mrs Pepperpot has the determination and big ideas to deal with the situation! Whether faced with danger in the shape of a wild fox or a hungry bear, or tasked with looking after a baby, Mrs Pepperpot doesn't let her small stature stand in her way.


Toot and Pop
Pop the tug boat from Toot and Pop

Pop is a tiny tug boat that works hard all day helping the bigger boats at the harbour. When the big, shiny Toot arrives and refuses help from Pop, the tiny tug boat feels belittled and helpless. Needless to say, Pop is called upon to save the day in the end, reminding little readers that size isn't everything. A great confidence boost for small people of all ages.


Max from Mighty Small

Max the mouse has a mighty BIG secret - Max is Mighty Small Superhero! But Max doesn't have the normal powers you'd expect from a superhero; he isn't particularly big, or fast, or strong. But he has a great sense of what is right, and stands up for himself when faced with the big bad baddies in this funny, uplifting tale.


The Ladybird from What the Ladybird Heard
The Ladybird from What the Ladybird Heard

When Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len set out on their cunning mission to steal the farmer's prize-winning cow, it's the smallest creature on the farm who comes to the rescue. The ladybird uses her spy-like surveillance skills to find out what the two robbers are up to, and her own cunning to thwart the dastardly duo. And best of all she's modest, not saying a word when everyone else cheers their efforts at the end of the story!


Hector from Hector and the Big Bad knight
Hector the boy in a boat and the Big Bad Knight

When Hector promises to return his granny's stolen wand from the Big Bad Knight, all the villagers laugh: 'But you're tiny and small! And your spindly arms have no muscles at all'. The Big Bad Knight throws many obstacles in Hector's way, but the wee boy never gives up. His quick-thinking and bravery saves the day, proving that being 'tiny and small' doesn't stop you achieving your goals.


So, if you have a little person in need of a confidence boost, or even a bigger child who doesn't feel that they're the fastest or strongest in class, one of these books may just remind them that every child has their own superpowers!


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