Bookbug Book of the Month: The Snow Rabbit

The Snow Rabbit by Camille Garouche

ISBN 978-1592701810


Two sisters look longingly through their window at the snowy sky. One goes out and sculpts a little rabbit, but when she brings it back inside to her wheelchair-bound sister, it begins to melt. So they take it outside and into the forest where enchanted things begin to happen.

'A stunning wordless picture book, featuring two sisters, peering out into a snowy landscape. This is a beautiful book with wonderful paper cut scenes. Each page is full of detail which can be woven into the story or not, and I could spend hours just looking at the pictures. I found this book evoked emotions from my childhood, of the wonder of a snowy place and the magic that seems to come from this time of year. It also made me think of times spent with my own sister, and the fun children can have together. I love the fact it is wordless – you can add to the story what you want, making it even more personal.'

- Ruth Boreham, Early Years Outreach Administrator


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Where do the sisters go with the rabbit in the story?