Bookbug Book of the Month: Meg and Mog

The classic children's book Meg and Mog was originally published over 40 years ago. This first book led to a series of 23 in total, and the loveable duo even went on to star in their own animated television series. Meg and Mog tells the story of a young witch called Meg and her stripy cat Mog, who attend a wild Halloween party with all of the other witches. Meg casts a spell that results in all sorts of trouble!


'I remember my parents reading me Meg and Mog when I was a child in the 1970s and I loved it, finding the story hilarious. Three decades later I read the same book to my own two children, who also loved it. The book’s charm lies in its humorous and simple storyline, and the wonderful, colourful illustrations by Jan Pienkowski have made it so appealing to young children throughout the decades. May the Meg and Mog fun continue for many more years to come!'

- Rosalyn McGlynn, Early Years Development Co-ordinator


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What kind of party do Meg and Mog attend in the story?