How To Have An Adventure Without Leaving The House

Boy in blanket fort with book
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Let’s face it, where babies and children are involved, getting ready to go out can feel like an adventure before you’ve even set foot outside! For the adults, there's so much to prepare for – the weather, transportation, snacks, nappies – to name but a few! For the children, there's the excitement and anticipation, or possible uncertainty, about travel and new experiences. This year's Bookbug Week celebrates adventure and exploration, as well as songs, stories and rhymes from around the world. But if you can't get away to an exotic location, don't worry: there are plenty of adventures you and your little ones can have without even leaving the house.

Here are some simple ideas:


1.  Transform your space

Find a sheet, blanket or scarf. The clever draping of fabric over a sofa, chair or table can instantly transform a space and make it more exciting (see main picture above). Pretend you’re camping or travelling by packing a rucksack with favourite toys and books, or why not make a pair of simple toilet tube binoculars to carry with you? When you’ve made your special space, it’s easier to pretend you’re somewhere else. If you’ve got a torch, allow children to hide away and read their books by torchlight - this will make it even more exciting!


2.  Picnic in your living room

Adventuring can make you hungry. Make lunch or snack time extra special by laying down a blanket and having a picnic in your living room. Invite some of your child's favourite teddy bears or toys to join you, or think about preparing food from different parts of the world to liven up your adventure. Children love to help with picnics so find ways to get them involved - laying out the plates or even preparing some of the food with you. After your lunch or snack, you could share a story and a song together.


3.  Start with a story

If you’re looking for some inspiration, there are hundreds of great stories that will set you and your children up for a wonderful adventure together. Here’s a list of some of my favourite books to inspire your imaginations at home:

We also have a very special Bookbug Week book list with lots of ideas for Stories from Around the World.


4.  Share some Songs and Rhymes

There are so many fantastic songs to take you away on your adventures. You can listen to the Bookbug Explorer CD online for some music to inspire your travels. Songs about adventuring include Zoom Zoom Zoom, The Wheels on the Bus, Rickety, Rickety Rockety Horse and When I was One. Try singing the songs, then talk about where you would go on your adventure together. If you would like to try some new songs and rhymes from around the word, keep an eye on our Bookbug Facebook page every lunchtime this week for ideas!


5.  Make an Obstacle Course

A simple obstacle course is a great way to help children develop their motor skills, but most importantly, they’re fun! Use things like cushions, blankets, plastic bowls, wooden spoons, empty boxes and small step stools to create your course. Think about making different obstacles for children to go over, under and around. You could pretend that you’re crossing rivers, travelling through the forest or flying an aeroplane – the possibilities are endless!


With a little creativity and planning, you can turn your everyday routine into a great adventure this Bookbug Week.


Happy adventuring!