Bookbug Detective: Interactive Books for Little Ones

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My little boy (aged 1) loves interactive books, especially lift the flap ones, but he keeps damaging them, to the point that I'm reluctant to buy any more or borrow them from the library. Can you suggest some more robust interactive books?

It can be quite frustrating when your child damages books, but I would like to stress that it's completely normal. In fact, I would say that a pristine children’s book isn't quite right, as it suggests it hasn't been read and loved. Don't feel embarrassed taking damaged books back to the library – librarians are very understanding about this and there are no fines on children’s books. They’re expected to have a shorter shelf life than adult books.

That being said, there are some excellent interactive books for little ones that will stand up to tearing and chewing, some of which I’ve suggested below:

 I hope these suggestions are helpful. You can also check out some of our favourite Lift-the-Flap Books and other Texture, Sounds and Flap Books for babies and toddlers.