Memorable Love Scenes from Picture Books

Love Splat front cover
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Love comes in all shapes and sizes, particularly in the world of picture books. We share stories of love between parents and their children, love between siblings, love for our favourite toys, and even love for the family pet. With Valentines Day fast approaching, we select some of our favourite love scenes from picture books.


Sardines of love cover

Sardines of Love by Zurine Aguirre

Grandmother Lola hates sardines, but Grandfather Lolo loves them. When Lola disappears on a fishing trip (and ends up in the belly of Jeff the octopus) Lolo cries so much that he begins to float away on his own tears. Thankfully the two are reunited with all they ever need - LOVE and SARDINES!


Gorilla and kitten
Little Beauty by Anthony Browne

When a lonely gorilla asks for a friend, his keepers introduce him to Beauty the kitten. The unlikely pair become the best of friends, playing, sleeping, and watching movies together. When the keepers threaten to remove Beauty, the kitten's love for her new friend wins over. It's impossible not to smile at the end of this wonderful story.  


Dave cuddles his sister Bella

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

We all know that siblings like to squabble, but in this wonderful tale, it's the love between Dave and his big sister Bella that shines through. Poor wee Dave has lost his beloved toy, Dogger. When Dave spots him at the school summer fair, it's his sister's act of love that saves the day. 


Splat and kitten on bench

Love Splat by Rob Scotton

Splat the cat is in love with a little white kitten with pea-green eyes. Unfortunately for him, so is Spike! Plenty of Valentine's card one-upmanship ensues, but thankfully for Splat, the love triangle ends happily when the kitten declares her own feline feelings. Aw...


Stormy Weather front cover

Stormy Weather by Debi Gliori

There are too many scenes of love to choose from in this beautiful portrayal of parental love. Whether the thunder is tearing through the night, or the oceans are roaring and rising outside, children won't feel anything but safe and loved after this reassuring bedtime read.


We wish you all a very happy, love-filled Valentines Day!

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