Bookbug Detective: Books About Going to Hospital

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My daughter has to go into hospital in a few weeks and she's a bit anxious about it. Are there any books I could read with her beforehand that might help?

Whether it's a first day at school, going swimming or to the dentist or hospital, books are a great way to introduce a first experience to a child in a gentle, encouraging way.

Reading a story about it can remove some of the potential anxiety by making the whole thing more familiar.

There are some really good titles that deal with this issue - I've recommended a few below, but you can also find more related to this topic on our Books about Health book list:

I hope these are helpful and make your daughter's experience of going to hospital less daunting. And don't forget to take some of her favourite books to hospital with you when the time comes - they can be a great comfort, as well as a distraction, when children are away from home.


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