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Bookbug's National Outreach Shared Practice event in March 2015 gave professionals from across Scotland the opportunity to come together and hear how the Bookbug approach was being used to complement the work done by a range of practitioners. This event inspired one local authority in Scotland to hold their own event at the end of 2015. Margaret Clark (Senior Health Promotion Officer - Early Years, Lanarkshire) and Gillian Hunt (Children's Activities Librarian, North Lanarkshire) tell their story.

On the 14 September last year, North Lanarkshire held its first Local Bookbug Shared Practice Event. Our “let’s do it in Lanarkshire moment” came on the back of us being involved in the National Outreach Shared Practice Event held by the Scottish Book Trust, and we agreed it would be good to have one on our doorstep!

The event was attended by 28 multiagency staff who have a shared interest in promoting Bookbug within their areas of work. We also bribed (encouraged!) local Bookbug champions from Richard Stewart Nursery, Airdrie, and Kildrum Nursery Parents Learning Board (pictured) to set up stalls to showcase their work. We found that we had a room full of willing practitioners ready to discuss and share their stories of great examples of innovative practice.

North Lanarkshire staff with Bookbug

Bookbug was being widely used within prisons, nurseries, libraries, family centres and in one-to-one work with individual families. The staff who attended the shared practice event were really interested in how Bookbug was being used successfully in all of these different venues across North Lanarkshire.

The famous Tracy Cooper provided us with an update from the Scottish Book Trust team, and we used some DVD footage from the inspirational Susanne Zeedyk as part of the presentations.

We asked those attending to “Blow their own Trumpets” – and we now have seven people who have agreed to be the champions at our next event. We had great feedback from staff about how much they enjoyed it, and we will plan another shared practice event for 2016. We have also seen an increase in links with our Bookbug coordinator for resources and support, which is great news.

The morning event, with a lovely lunch to finish, left everyone feeling inspired and raring to go! Thanks everyone and good luck to other areas championing Bookbug in Scotland – go for it !

Since writing this article, Margaret Clark has been involved in a similar shared practice event in South Lanarkshire. We hope that further examples of best practice sharing at a local level will also continue across in 2016. 

Margaret Clark and Gillian Hunt

Margaret Clark is a Senior Health Promotion Officer (Early Years) and Gillian Hunt is a Children's Activities Librarian. Both are practitioners working in Lanarkshire.