Bookbug Blogs: The Best of 2015

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It seems like no time ago that Bookbug was encouraging parents and carers to make their reading resolutions for 2015. As we approach the end of another jam-packed year, we've taken a few minutes out of the flurry of Christmas activity to reflect on the key themes and highlights of our online content from the past 12 months.


Music has been an overriding theme in our blog space in 2015. Music has a key role in the Bookbug programme, and we were fortunate this year to be involved in our first music residency at an early years centre in Edinburgh. Musician-in-residence, Marianne Fraser, wrote a wonderful blog about her role in the project, which not only brought live music to a group of toddlers but also began the creative process behind a new Bookbug CD to be launched next year. How Songs, Rhythm and Rhyme Support Early Development provided an insight into the research behind the importance of music, and this was further explored in blogs on The Music of Spoons and Sing a Song of Sixpence: The Importance of Singing to Your Child. 

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Bookbug Detective has had some really thought-provoking questions about reading, songs and rhyme to tackle over the past year. From books to help children with their colours to boys who like to read books about princessess and ways to help make bedtime reading fun, the Detective has had advice for all Bookbug parents and carers. Keep those questions coming in 2016! 

Our Author Spotlights have featured some of the UK's favourite picture book authors and illustrators in 2015. SCBA shortlisted author/illustrator, Emily MacKenzie (Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit: Book Burglar), gave us an insight into her wonderful world back in February, and we finished the year by shining the spotlight on the lovely, lively Oliver Jeffers. Many of our Bookbug Bag authors/illustrators amused and enlightened us along the way, including Stella Baggott, Eilidh Muldoon, Mike Brownlow and Mary Murphy.

How the picture books by these fantastic authors/illustrators are selected for our Bookbug Bags each year was the focus of a Behind the Scenes blog from Ruth Grindley of the Early Years team: a great read for anyone interested in our book selection process. And if your little ones rule the roost when it comes to the selection of books in your household, don't worry - we explored the benefits of this in our 5 Reasons To Let Your Little One Choose the Books blog in September.

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The work done by the Outreach arm of the Bookbug programme was brought to the fore in a moving blog about the impact of Bookbug on a family project connected to a Lanarkshire prison. We look forward to sharing more about our work with other Outreach projects in the forthcoming year.

2016 will also be celebrated as 'Year of the Dad', so keep an eye out for some inspiring articles from dads, stepdads and other father figures associated with the Bookbug programme.

Our festive blogs feature plenty of book gift recommendations (it's not too late to get down to your local bookshop!) and a calming piece about ways to minimise stress for your little ones this holiday season.

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All that remains is for us to wish you all a very happy, healthy, Christmas! We look forward to another busy and rewarding year in 2016.

From the Early Years Team