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In a number of our recent Bookbug blogs, we have explored how music, rhythm and rhyme can play a role in early years development. All babies are born with rhythm and musicality, and at Bookbug we believe that sharing just one song or rhyme a day can make a big difference to your child's development.

Our Bookbug Baby and Bookbug Pirate Bags both include a CD of music to share with your child, and we are currently involved in an exciting musician-in-residency project to develop a CD of songs and rhymes for the Bookbug Toddler Bag. We will be sharing some of the music from this CD once it is available, but in the meantime, we hear from Carol Laula, our Early Years Music & Story Specialist and Bookbug Freelance Trainer. Carol has recorded some tracks for us on the Bookbug Baby and Bookbug Pirate CDs, and here she discusses the art of making music with spoons. 


Spoons! What are they good for? A great many things actually. Yes, they are good for eating ice-cream and very healthy cereal. However, they are also GREAT for just having some good old fashioned fun with!

On the Bookbug Pirate CD one of the tracks uses wooden spoons to tap out the rhythm of the song. This often leads to my six-year-old goddaughter, Keeley Pie, and I having spoon duels or drumming sessions – depending, of course, on what song we are listening to – be it the Bookbug CD or our favourite song which is Taylor Swift…this week!

I have tried to show her how to play the spoons, but, as you might know, this usually ends up with her telling me how to do it.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of laughter during our ‘spoon-sessions’, which usually spill into her and I recording some ‘new songs’ that she writes on the spot. The subject of these songs and rhymes is usually her friends or her gran and grampa and the general things that a six-year-old does during the day. We haven’t released these as yet; she is still honing her skills!

Of course, these ‘songs and rhymes’ can be recorded onto a smart phone or some such, and watching her listen to them is such a joy. Her wee face goes a nice shade of pink and she is suitably excited. Our joy at sharing this is just priceless. I’m sure that when she’s sixteen, she will turn slightly more red when I bring those recordings out…because yes, you guessed it, they are staying on my phone!

Carol Laula and her goddaughter in a recording studio

Owing to my ‘other job’ as a singer/songwriter, Keeley and I had the absolute pleasure of going into the recording studio to record some songs and rhymes for both the Hello Baby! and My Bookbug Pirate CD; a lovely, toattie wee head and a big set of head-phones (see picture). Letting her hear those songs and rhymes back was such a pleasure for me (and her mum and dad). She took the time to ‘autograph’ the copies of the CDs in our Bookbug bags, but decided to take them back as she realised that she hadn’t put a love-heart next to her signature! YES, my heart was melting.

These special moments are something that I am able to keep with me and share with the many Early Years professionals during the training that I am privileged to deliver for Bookbug.


Enjoy some of the music on our Bookbug Baby CD and Bookbug Pirate CD with your little ones.

For some wonderful advice on how you can play the spoons, please see this video from David Rosen. His spoon playing appears on the Bookbug Pirate CD track, Jamaica Plain Rag.



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Carol Laula

Carol Laula is a singer-songwriter who works with Bookbug as a freelance trainer and Early Years Music & Story Specialist.