Take Bookbug’s Library Challenge This Summer

Take Bookbug’s Library Challenge This Summer
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The arrival of 6 fantastic new certificates for Bookbug’s Library Challenge has inspired us all here at Bookbug HQ to think about the books we want to read over the summer, as well as our memories of choosing books when we were younger.

Summer feels like a much better time than New Year to make a reading resolution. What could beat borrowing some books from your local library with your little one, then heading to the park to read them together in the sunshine? (The sun is coming – we’re sure it’ll be here soon...) It’s the perfect time to try something new, explore different books and make the most of the extra daylight hours.

Take the Challenge!

Bookbug’s Library Challenge is a free, easy and fun programme encouraging young children to discover and enjoy their local library. Running in libraries all across Scotland, it's a fantastic way to help your child develop a love of reading from birth and for life. Taking part is easy - all you have to do is sign up at your local library. Each time your child borrows a book they’ll receive a stamp on their special collector’s card, and when it’s full they’ll get one of the beautiful certificates. Each certificate features an illustration from some of our favourite books, plus they now display rhymes and tips for choosing books with your little one.

Borrowing books is easy and can really benefit your child.

Your baby isn’t too young!

The certificates are a celebration and reminder of the time you’ve spent choosing and sharing books with your baby or toddler, but sharing books with your baby and the close and special time you have together when reading, talking and cuddling with them will make a huge difference to their development. The bright and colourful illustrations would look great on the wall beside a cot or near a bookshelf, but you could also keep them with your baby record from the Bookbug Baby Calendar, for a lasting keepsake of your first year together.

As your little one gets older, more mobile and more confident, they can get involved in choosing the books with you. Allow them to take their time looking at the books and enjoy the experience. Don’t be afraid of making too much mess or noise - libraries want you and your child there so don’t worry!

Don’t be afraid of making too much mess or noise - libraries want you and your child there so don’t worry!

It can fit into your routine

If you’re already going to Bookbug Sessions at your local library, it’s handy to borrow a couple of books while you’re there, and bring them back at your next session. Or if your sessions are stopping for the summer break, you could still go along to the library and borrow books instead. Lots of libraries also run the Summer Reading Challenge for older children. Getting your little ones involved in Bookbug’s Library Challenge means they could share the experience, and they will love feeling that they’re doing something their bigger siblings are doing too. You could also try arranging to meet up with a few of the mums and dads from the sessions there and keep up your little one’s social life at the same time. Why not choose something you’ll enjoy reading too.

Help with the move to nursery or school

Getting into a routine of library visits, making decisions for themselves with choosing books, and getting a collector’s card and certificate of their own to take home are about children taking pride and responsibility in their decisions, something they’ll be encouraged to do when they go to pre-school or school. Helping them get comfortable with these types of activities with you will help little ones adjust when the time comes for them to do it on their own at nursery or in P1.

Help is at hand for book inspiration

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start – your librarian will be happy to help with suggestions, and can help you choose books for your child’s age and interests. We’ve also got lots of brilliant book lists here on our website to try. Our recommendations cover a range of themes for 0-2 and 3-7 age ranges, with everything from books about animals in hats to interactive stories. Or if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover get in touch and let us know!

You could try some of the other books by the authors and illustrators from the certificates: Judith Kerr, Debi Gliori, Catherine Rayner, Ross Collins, Yasmeen Ismail, Timothy Knapman and Rosie Reeve

We hope you enjoy taking part in Bookbug's Library Challenge! Find your nearest library and Bookbug Session here.

Main image credit: Paul Watt