Celebrate Scotland's Big Laugh 2015

Enjoy a big laugh with your child!
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We all know that laughter is the best medicine, and Scotland’s Big Laugh is all about dedicating a whole day to the joy of laughter!

Developed by Connected Baby, Scotland’s Big Laugh takes place across the country on Saturday 24 January 2015. It gives everyone a chance to laugh together and to value this taken-for-granted means of connection.

The day also helps promote the science behind laughter. Did you know that a baby’s laughter gives clues to what they are learning about in the world? We hope that you’ll enjoy sharing a joke or a funny story with your little ones on the day, but we’ve also got some great suggestions below to get everyone giggling!

Pick up a funny read

Sharing a funny story together is a great way to enjoy a laugh and a cuddle at the end of a busy day. Why not jot down some titles and have a trip to your local library on Saturday? We’ve got some books to help babies get the giggles, hilarious books for older children and some books about bottoms and pants (always guaranteed to get a laugh!)

We’ve also got some book lists for parents to enjoy with funny books by women and books that will make you laugh out loud.

Enjoy some songs and rhymes

There are lots of fantastic songs and rhymes which will have the whole family giggling. We’ve got some great suggestions below but you could also have fun making up your own silly rhymes together or adapting ones you already know!


These rhymes involve tickling so you can really build up the anticipation. You could also let older children try it on the adults!

Cross, Cross, Line, Line

Roon Aboot Moose 

Iggley Piggley Wriggley Rose

Bounce, jump and shake

What shall we do with the bouncing baby?

Shake and Shake; Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Faster and slower

Forwards and Backwards

Rickety, Rickety, Rockety Horse

Active rhymes

There are lots of fun actions with these rhymes. You could also use toys or dolls to join in with the action.

Shall We Play at Peekaboo?

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Animal fun

Exaggerate the animal noises, pull funny faces and get little ones to join in!

Little Green Frog

This Little Piggy

Old MacDonald

Calming songs and rhymes

These are calmer songs and rhymes but your little one will still enjoy a giggle.

Tickle Baby’s Fingers

Eyes, Nose, Cheeky, Cheeky Chin

We’ve also got some great lively songs and rhymes on our website for you to enjoy: Bananas Unite!Five Fat PeasHeads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

Play and activity fun

There are lots of fun play and activity ideas you could try at home. Make your way through Play Talk Read’s 30 things to laugh at list, set up a boogie baby disco or play smelly sausages. Play Scotland also have some messy play and games you could try. Health Scotland also have a variety of activity sheets to download.

Keep it simple

Celebrating Scotland’s Big Laugh can also be about keeping it as simple as possible. Enjoy a game of hide and seek, peek-a-boo or just tickle each other! You can also make storytime even more fun; use silly voices, exaggerate your movements and get little ones to join in.