How dads are combining rock music and parenting

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Born out of the Dads Rock playgroup in Edinburgh in 2012, The Dads Rockers is a group of dads who found in each other a shared passion for rock music and live performance. 

For all our dads, the guitars, drums and mics were temporarily pushed to one side in favour of nappies, wet-wipes and highchairs. But once they'd become dab hands in the daddy department, they decided to use their precious spare time to do whatever they could to both rediscover their rock mojos and do their bit to boost the profile of Dads Rock and the Dads Rock Academy.

The Dads Rockers cover contemporary rock and pop classics, while also putting their own rocking twist on classics such The Wheels on the BusHead, Shoulders Knees and Toes and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (download these MP3 files by right-clicking and saving to your computer)! The Dads Rockers really are doing something different and more importantly they are also genuinely doing it for the kids! The band and the playgroup have also become a second family for the dads involved. 

In the studio

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A few months ago, The Dads Rock playgroup had a lovely visit from Scottish Book Trust to talk about recording some songs and nursery rhymes. About a month later, after meetings and several rehearsals, the day of the recording came.

All was set up and CaVa studios recording engineer turned up with a car full of kit to do the recording. We got to work and got settled in to the session. At this point the nervousness started to go away and the dads rockers did what they did best: play!

All was made easy by the recording engineer who at various points sprinkled some fairy dust on the recording and played it back to us. The experience was great for the band and we hope to do some more recording in the future. The songs are now available for parents and little ones to enjoy on the Scottish Book Trust website

A musical evolution

Dads Rock has evolved, very slowly, almost like a new child to the family. We have observed what is going on around us and have adapted to our surrounding environment, with a few stumbles along the way. Since the birth of Dads Rock, we have opened two playgroups in Edinburgh at The Whale Arts Centre and The Prentice Centre, as well as our new ‘baby’ in Glasgow at the Calton Centre in the east end.

People often ask us why we think Dads Rock has lasted so long when other adult-run playgroups have faltered. Our response is simple: We are run for dads, by dads. 

The future of Dads Rock is certainly bright. Our latest venture, The Dads Rock Academy, gives parents (not just dads) the opportunity to learn a rock instrument and show off their skills at an end of term show. Our first term, which ended in May 2014, was so successful and the demand was so high, that we have had to open up the new term over two nights.

Look out Scotland, we will rock you!

David Marshall

David is the co-founder of Dads Rock. Dads Rock is Scotland's only network of free playgroups for dads and male carers and their kids. The Dads Rock Academy also offers weekly rock band tuition to kids and their dads. Find out more on the Dads Rock website.