Teddy Bear's Sleepover at Jennie Lee Library

Category: Bookbug

Jennie Lee Library in Fife recently hosted their very first Teddy Bear’s Sleepover. Twenty two local children who regularly attend Bookbug Sessions entrusted their favourite teddy bears to the library staff for a special sleepover.

The idea came from the book ‘Otto the Book Bear’ by Katie Cleminson. Otto the bear comes to life after the library has closed and embarks upon a variety of adventures with his friends. The staff at the Jennie Lee library took secret photographs of the bears’ adventures so the children could see what their teddies had got up to overnight.

The staff had a lot of fun looking after the teddy bears. Carrie Stewart, Customer Services Advisor, said: “The bears explored the library and the Centre getting up to all sorts of antics. They did some drumming in the theatre, played football in the Sports Hall and did some ballet in front of the mirrors in the Dance Studio.  We also saw the teddies with paint points from the library to do some paw printing, using the photocopier and having fun with bubble wrap in the staff workroom. They also used the library's date-stamper, held a tea party with cake, played pass-the-parcel and did a little gardening in the plant pots! The giant bear sat on the sofa and told some bed-time stories to the little teddies before they went to sleep, exhausted after all of their adventures!”

Ann Belton, Library Supervisor, added: “The photos are brilliant - we put them up on display in the library for all the teddy bear owners to see when they came back to pick up their bears.  We hope they bring them along to our next Bookbug session!”

Leith Library is hosting a Teddy Bear’s Sleepover on Wednesday 19 June. Find out how you can take part on their blog