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Bookbug greets the children
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Do you sometimes feel you just want to do something different? Away from the usual pattern of events, something with a bit of ZING! Well, that’s what we wanted to do to promote Bookbug Week in Aberdeenshire. We hit on the idea of travelling in a mobile library to different venues and offering some outdoor activities. The aim was to offer the visits to rural playgroups and nurseries who would not have regular library access.

Sandra (Early Years Assistant), Helen (Pre-School Development Team) and Charlie (the mobile driver) set off with much excitement!

At the first stop, Tarland School, the nursery and the playgroup came out to see us, braving the cold and rain-showers. Charlie welcomed them all aboard the library and told them a bit about his job and introduced them to his travelling companion, Bobo the panda.

Then it was into the bike sheds (with a roof! YES!) for a Bookbug Session, followed by a mini beast hunt outdoors. Bookbug was on the checklist of bugs to spot and he came along to help. We had to restrain him from joining the children romping through the wildlife garden, as it was raining and I had visions of him slipping and rolling down the hill, knocking over everyone in his path! 

We had so much fun that we ran out of time to do the final activity! We left the children with foam sun visors and bugs to decorate, daring to hope that the very act of making these would bring out the sun!

Storytime on the mobile library
Then it was on to the next stop. Torphins Playgroup welcomed Charlie and Bobo and we held the Bookbug Session on the mobile library. Bookbug then appeared and sent the children off on the mini beast hunt. The children were delighted to meet Bookbug and brought back all the mini beasts they found for him to hold! (Thankfully, the mini beasts were pictures not the genuine article.) It was raining quite steadily by now so we all piled inside to make our sun visors and have a photo session wearing the finished products.

The final stop of the day was at the Sunshine Nursery, Torphins. All the children climbed aboard the mobile library to meet Charlie and Bobo and check out all the exciting picture books on offer! Then we took refuge in the nursery for a Bookbug Session. Bookbug appeared from an upstairs room and greeted the children with an enthusiastic wave.

While all this was going on, we also had a film crew with us for the first 2 stops. They were making a short film to promote the mobile library service and took footage of all the activities going on.

The mobile library road trip was a very successful, fun and different type of event to help celebrate Bookbug, everyone involved had a fantastic time (despite the rain).

Now, I’m heading off on a new adventure in a Bookbus in Zambia! But that’s another story…

Susan McKay

Susan McKay is the Early Years Librarian and Bookbug Co-ordinator for Aberdeenshire.