Scene of family packing up their home and leaving

Why Explore Human Rights with Children Through Picture Books?

Rowena Seabrook, Human Rights Education Manager at Amnesty International UK, explains how great picture books can help raise the profile of human rights for children.

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Rabbit on the cover of Good Night Like This

Bookbug Author Spotlight: Mary Murphy Creates the Perfect Bedtime Story

Bookbug Bag author and illustrator, Mary Murphy, explains the importance of creating the perfect night-time atmosphere for Good Night Like This.

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Child reading, Paul Watt

Bookbug Detective: Managing the Challenge of Reading Aloud

What if you find it hard to read aloud to your kid? The Bookbug Detective is here to help.

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Woman reading with baby

Learning Words and Loving Pictures

Tracy Cooper asks whether word learning should be the primary goal of reading with children

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Cover of My Big Book of Everything

Bookbug Book of the Month: My Big Book of Everything

My Big Book of Everything is perfect for introducing little ones to the world around them - win a copy in our Bookbug Book of the Month competition!

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Baby reading in a tree stump

5 Ways to Enjoy Books with Little Ones this Summer

Looking for ways to keep little ones entertained with books in the holidays? Here are 5 ways to keep reading alive for young children.

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Hands touching a touchy feely book

Bookbug for All: Sensory Sessions for Visually Impaired Children

Learn how a Community Vision Support Officer adapted Bookbug Sessions to make them more accessible for visually impaired children

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Dad cradling newborn baby

A Dad's Reading Journey: Sharing Stories with my Daughter Before she was Born

One dad writes about his reading journey with his baby daughter, and why he'd recommend all expectant fathers read to their babies-to-be

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Dad and daughter reading together

Do Mums and Dads Read Differently to their Children?

Tracy Cooper looks at research which suggests that mums and dads share picture books with their children in different ways

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Arctic Fox and Gosling from Daddy Honk Honk!

Bookbug Book of the Month: Daddy Honk Honk!

Daddy Honk Honk! is the perfect story for dads, stepdads, and father figures to share with little ones - win a copy in our Bookbug Book of the Month competition!

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