5 reasons to write a love letter to your library

5 reasons to write a love letter to your library
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As part of this year’s Book Week Scotland campaign we’re inviting the public to show some love to their favourite library by penning a letter. We’re asking you to tell libraries why they are important to you and share the impact they have on your life.

What do they offer you? A quiet place to study, a dimension into new worlds or somewhere to introduce your children to the wonderful world of books?

At a time when libraries are in a precarious situation with local authority cuts and depleted staff, there isn’t a better time than now to boost morale and proclaim what your library means to you. Find inspiration in Jackie Kay’s wonderful series of poems exploring the library and all it has to offer at different stages of life or in illustrator Chris Riddell’s visual love letter documenting his library adventures.

Here are just a few reasons why Scottish Book Trust loves libraries...


1. They are champions of reading

LIbraries have floors of inspiring books and librarians just bursting to tell you about the diversity of what is on offer – for free

Libraries are the hidden jewels of the community. They are often tucked away in quirky, tired or refurbished buildings that get lost between the bright lights of shops and cafes offering their wares. But cross the threshold and you’ll find floors of inspiring books and librarians just bursting to tell you about the diversity of what is on offer – for free – to everyone in the community and why reading should have a place in everyone’s life.


2. They host a plethora of events

There are over 500 public libraries scattered across Scotland offering a warm and safe environment for the community to pursue reading, explore the world wide web and use a quiet study space, not to mention they host a wealth of events to engage adults and children in the world of books, all year round and especially for Book Week Scotland.


3. They love Book Week Scotland

Libraries are at the core of Book Week Scotland and we couldn’t run it without their support. They hold some of the most exciting events, from visits with famous authors to murder mystery nights to chocolate tastings, they let us create beautiful reading inspired artworks on their walls as part of Book Week Scotland, and they join us in our quest to get everyone reading.


4. They offer a home to Readers in Residence

Every year five libraries develop a partnership with a creative practitioner appointed by Scottish Book Trust to work on delivering innovative and inspiring reading projects within their local communities. Read about one of this year’s resident readers' adventures in his community.


5. They’ve caught the Bookbug...

...And they’re helping pass it on! Every week libraries across Scotland host hundreds of Bookbug Sessions to engage wee ones and parents with songs, stories and rhymes. They even run their own Bookbug's Library Challenge.


So why not confess why you love these quiet champions of reading and send your library a love letter. Download our template, pen your letter and send it straight to your library. You can also add your letter on the Guardian website.


Images: from one of this year's library artworks at Saltcoats Library. Find out all about Book Week Scotland 2014 and join in with a love letter, find your literary love match, and get down to a book event in your area!