Scottish Children's Book Awards ceremony

SCBA 2013 winners

The Scottish Children’s Book Awards ceremony went down a treat on Wednesday 5 March.  Schools from across Scotland travelled to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, eager to discover the winners of this year’s short-listed books.  With over 800 children attending the event, the enthusiastic din travelled across the Mitchel Library like a celebratory Mexican wave and you could not help getting swept up by its tide.

We held three events in support of the three age categories. Claire McFall picked up the award in the 12-16 years Older Readers category for her debut novel Ferryman, Janis Mackay won in the 8-11 years Younger Readers Category for her novel The Accidental Time Traveller and Chae Strathie and Ben Cort scooped the 3-7 years Bookbug Readers award for the wonderful Jumblebum.

I popped my head into each of the events only to be knocked down by the brilliant audience participation and interaction. My most enjoyable moment was the Jumblebum Rap, fronted by MC Chae Strathie, finishing every rap verse with:

MC: I say Jumble, you say –

Audience: Bum.

I was unabashedly delighted to shout BUM(!) multiple times and Aileen Campbell, The Minister for Children and Young People, seemed equally enthused. Yes, it was lovely to see the professional adult world willingly joining a chorus of ingenuous and unapologetic bum chanting. Check out our Vine.

With more pizzazz than the Oscars and thankfully, void of any faux pas (John Travolta – we are looking at you!) the ceremony was over in a blink of the eye. Until next year SCBA, until next year...


Here's a brilliant new book list - Books about Bottoms and Pants for 3-7 year olds if Chae's Jumblebum rap has gotten you in the mood!

Miriam Morris

Miriam Morris is Scottish Book Trust's Schools Programme Administrator.