On the Move

Rabbit Islands via Flickr
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Scottish Book Trust are pleased to announce their inclusion in a new Sufficiency and Sustainability Initiative, which will see twenty organisations around Scotland taking active steps to increase harmony and sustainability in their organisational structure and reduce their carbon footprint.

The project, which takes a holistic approach encompassing the entire organisation, will run from the beginning of the 2013/14 financial year for a period of three years.

In order to reduce organisational running costs and dependency on traditional energy sources, Scottish Book Trust’s main offices will be relocated to the Rabbit Islands off the coast of Sutherland, from May 2013.

Each staff member has pledged to support the initiative by living in close quarters with other members of the team, in an all-new approach community approach to reader development.

Every night, staff members will be read ‘bedtime stories’ to each other to increase engagement and understanding around shared reading experiences.

Staff members can choose to relocate with their families, or, for more intensive projects, work in solitude with their teams in ‘sharing tents’.

A spokesperson for Scottish Book Trust said:

‘Work has already begun on the central tent circle that will make up Scottish Book Trust’s new offices and living quarters, and we are really excited to see the positive effect this will have on company culture.’

The move will see Scottish Book Trust attempt to increase productivity by cutting off distractions from outside life, in order to let teams really focus on the important work being done.  The organisation will live entirely off the land, waving goodbye to all traditional modern conveniences such as heating, electricity, internet and sanitation.

In addition, each team will now have additional responsibility around campsite management, including cooking, waterproofing, gardening, foraging and watch duty.

Michael Merillo, Operations Manager at Scottish Book Trust, had this to say of the move:

‘I can’t wait! Living and working with all my favourite people on an island paradise. It’s my literary lumberjack fantasy come to life’.