World Poetry Day: what makes a poem stick?

Still from glorious 80's film Dead Poets Society
Category: Reading

Here's a newsflash for people who think they don't get poetry or it's not quite for them: There are many poems, or fragments of poems, that you know, but you don't know you know!

Some of them are from childhood classrooms and playgrounds, we absorb others in adulthood through TV, weddings, reading, funerals and that cult 1989 film Dead Poets Society.

There are lines and phrases from poetry we often use without knowing the whole poem, or even which poem we are quoting:-

  • “Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
  • "Do not go gentle into that good night"
  • "My love is like a red, red rose"

Commonly quoted lines can sometimes be a poem's opening we learned at school: "I wandered lonely as a cloud." Or the most emotionally poignant lines of the poem: "I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart."

So, to celebrate World Poetry Day we want you to put your favourite poetry on the map. We're asking you to share your favourite or most memorable lines of poetry below, on Facebook or by using #PoetryFaves on Twitter and we'll post them here at the end of the day.

Happy World Poetry Day!