Reminiscing, Burns and Scottish writing

Reminiscing, Burns and Scottish Writing
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Our Aberdeenshire Reader in Residence, Deborah Leslie, has been hard at work with the local community encouraging them to read, write and engage with Scottish literature and language.

First up was a Burns bonanza, with several workshops, events and even a special lunch at Ellon Academy to celebrate the bard.

Banchory Academy got a taster of My Favourite Place and then a workshop encouraging students to write through Scots and Doric! Here is a sneak peek at some of the results:

..."Aye, min, foo ye deein?"
"Och, nae up te muckle. Foo's yersel?"
"Och, jist busy drivin aa the time."
"Are ye wirkin ilky day?"
"Aye, ye've got nae idea. Foo's yer bairn keepin?"
"She's lookin gey peely-wally. She winna tak her feed."...
Craig Peter, S4

Lastly, she met with the Westhill Reminiscence Group to talk through old memories and discuss how smell can sometimes conjure up the strongest memories.

Here is an extract of the Robert Louis Stevenson poem, ‘Winter Time’ that they read to spark discussion:

Late lies the wintry sun a-bed,

A frosty, fiery sleepy-head;

Blinks but an hour or two; and then,

A blood-red orange sets again.


Stay up to date with Deborah’s library adventures at her blog,

Our Readers in Residence are in place within five library authorities across Scotland, working directly with libraries to help build reading communities. Each Reader works in tandem with a host library, encouraging local communities to get involved with the library and to enjoy reading for pleasure.

Our Readers in Residence are as follows:

Alison Miller is in residence in Orkney Library. Read Alison’s blog here.

Magi Gibson is in residence at the Glasgow Women’s Library. Read Magi’s blog here.

Emily Dodd is in residence at Leith Library, Edinburgh. Read Emily’s blog here.

Drew Campbell is in residence at East Renfrewshire Libraries.

Deborah Leslie is in residence at Aberdeenshire Libraries. Read Deborah’s blog here.