Quines, 'zines and naughty postcards

Anti suffragette propaganda postcard from the Glasgow Women's Library archive
Category: Reading

Glasgow Women's Library has archives full of rare gems and Magi Gibson, one of our Readers in Residence, has been turning up a few as she explores and documents some of the materials on their blog.

In the lead up to National Libraries Day Magi has been blogging about some of the great things she has uncovered, including a trip down memory lane with Spare Rib - a breakthrough feminist publication in the 1970s - as well as some other excellent 'zines that the library holds. An afternoon could easily and happily be whiled away.

Magi has also been uncovering relics of suffragette history - including suffragette and anti-suffragette postcards (ike the one pictured above) and some other items of fascinating memorabilia from the time, truly amazing and astonishing treasures. 

Why not visit the Glasgow Women's Library on National Libraries Day this Saturday 9th February, at home or at the CCA? Glasgow Women's Library will be running a pop-up library on Saturday for the Glasgow Short Film Festival with writers Helen Fitzgerald and Denise Mina. 

Our Readers in Residence are in place within five library authorities across Scotland, working directly with libraries to help build reading communities. Each Reader works in tandem with a host library, encouraging local communities to get involved with the library and to enjoy reading for pleasure.

Our Readers in Residence are as follows:

Alison Miller is in residence in Orkney Library. Read Alison’s blog here.

Magi Gibson is in residence at the Glasgow Women’s Library. Read Magi’s blog here.

Emily Dodd is in residence at Leith Library, Edinburgh. Read Emily’s blog here.

Drew Campbell is in residence at East Renfrewshire Libraries.

Deborah Leslie is in residence at Aberdeenshire Libraries. Read Deborah’s blog here.