New Bookmarked! Caro Ramsay on punching people, gore and needles!

Caro Ramsay
Category: Reading

A new month means a new episode of Bookmarked, the Scottish Book Trust podcast for people who are hooked on books!

This month our charming presenter, Ryan van Winkle, catches up with Arctic explorer Gavin Francis, takes a visit to the Erbil Literature Festival in Kurdistan and speaks to crime writer Caro Ramsay about ideas and where they come from. Here are a few of our highlights from Caro’ s interview.


On getting her ideas:

‘One of the good things about still having a day job is that sometimes people say things that just spark off an idea you would have never have got any other way.’

‘I think writers have a wee amoeba at the back of their mind that just absorbs interesting ideas and then it spits them out, and when it spits them out you write it down and just keep writing and writing and you think you’d write yourself into a corner but in the back of your brain you’ve already got it sorted and it’s not a corner at all.’

On how her work as an acupuncturist affects her writing:

‘Diagnosis and detective work are the same thing. You start off with a list of clues and hopefully you get to an end – that process is there in both.’

On crime and the importance of the gore:

‘It has to be horrible, because your interest in finding out who did that has to sustain you for 400 pages. People always say ‘why are crime books so awful, and why is there is always a murder at the front?’ - well you can’t sustain 400 pages on getting a parking ticket sorted – it just doesn’t work!'

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