Books for a new year: recommendations please

Book covers 2013 montage
Category: Reading

The beginning of a new year tends to prompt a flurry of list-making, resolution-setting and much idealistic long-term planning, but we're not thinking along those lines here. Rather than setting unachievable reading goals, or grand plans to finally make this the year that we read Moby Dick, we got members of the Scottish Book Trust team to recommend just one book: the one book that they would pick as a perfect 'first read' for a new year. We were looking for books thatĀ captured themes of new starts, fresh beginnings, new hope, new life, new opportunities and all that good stuff.

You can see our list, along with our reasons for selecting each book here.

So now we're throwing it open to you: what's your pick? What's the book you would put forward as an ideal first read for a new year? Tell us in the comments below.